Holistic Health

Transform holistically.

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Holistic Health

Elevate to a better version of yourself and thrive throughout your day, in all areas.

Is this Challenge for you?

Are you scared to commit to your goals?

Do you harbour shame or guilt around food?

Are you nervous to experiment with cooking?

What you will achieve

Form new habits that LAST

Embody the version of YOU you know you can become

Connect to, taste and share meals that fill you with pleasure

Make mindful choices that strengthen your connection between mind & body

Feel aligned, confident and at ease as your health & wellness align, allowing you to thrive

What's Included

4-Week Holistic Health Challenge


✓ Move with passion and purpose as you connect to your body, without feeling like training is a chore!

✓ Feel confident and happy with your sessions as you progress with movement.


✓ Align your nutrition to your health and wellness as goals, with delicious and easy meal creations.

✓ Connect with food and eat for pleasure.


✓ Create sustainable change through new daily habits around mindset.

✓ Initiate habits that help you to elevate in all areas of your life.

Sustainable Change

✓ Keep accountable to your health and wellness goals doesn’t have to be sporadic.

✓ Commit to your personal growth to create mind and body freedom.

End Result
Challenge guidebook
Insider tips and tricks to create sustainable change
Living a fulfilled, holistic life
12-week training program
Personalisable gym and home 12-week training program
Enhance your wellbeing with new and exciting training movements
Hartley Health app access
Free access to 800+ personalised, nutritious recipes
Fuel your body and mind with nutrient dense, stress-free recipes and meal plans
Mental health tools and prompts
Learn helpful practices to prompt you on your self-development journey
Bio-hack your brain with sustainable change that creates lifelong habits
Facebook group
Regular check-ins to keep you accountable to your values, goals and desires
Commitment to your self-development with accountability check-ins

Glowing Transformations

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improvement of anxiety
after meditation of people report an improvement in anxiety symptoms after meditation

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someone who doesn't participate in movement experiences 40 poor mental health days a year

Excel in all aspects of your wellness, with a supportive community

Win Over $1,000 Of Wellness Goodies

Go in the draw to win. One lucky winner will win $500 cash and a Jordan Hartley Health bundle worth $600.

Your investment into yourself

The 4-Week Holistic Health Challenge is only $99 AUD. Sign up today.

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